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GTeL is a division of Mokhtar Group, a Californian corporation founded in 2017. 

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Our Mission

Our mission is to transform both academic and corporate education through innovative e-learning solutions that make learning accessible, engaging, and effective for everyone.


We've achieved notable success by partnering with leading organizations, and serving organizations like NASA's divisions, Silicon Valley and fortune 100 companies, healthcare and educational institutes, and more.

About GTeL

Milestones of Innovation

Average Increase

Our clients experience an average increase in learner engagement and completion rates, showcasing the effectiveness of our tailored e-learning solutions.

Company Growth

GTeL has seen remarkable growth, expanding our global footprint and doubling our team size in the past year to meet increasing demand.

Brand Strategy

Our brand strategy emphasizes meaningful educational connections, establishing us as e-learning thought leaders and trusted partners for transformative experiences.

High-Quality e-learning solutions

Global Expertise, Local Impact

Our team combines multilingual capabilities, advanced technical and educational skills, with the knowledge of Ph.D. holders and insights from Silicon Valley contributors, to deliver unparalleled e-learning experiences.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore common inquiries about our e-learning solutions and how we can support your educational goals.

We offer a comprehensive range of e-learning solutions including interactive courses, multimedia content creation, and tailored learning management systems, all designed to meet the diverse needs of learners and educators in various sectors.

Absolutely. Our strength lies in our ability to customize courses to fit the unique needs and challenges of different industries, ensuring relevance and maximum impact for learners.

We provide extensive support through dedicated help desks, technical support teams, and pedagogical guidance to ensure both learners and educators have a seamless and enriching educational experience.

The effectiveness of our programs is measured using a combination of learner feedback, completion rates, and pre- and post-assessment performance data, allowing us to continuously refine and improve our offerings.


Featured Team Members

Meet a few of our 100+ team members, including content creators, technical writers, coders, designers, translators, and multimedia creators, whose collective expertise and creativity fuel innovation in our educational offerings.



Karim, our founder, epitomizes the modern Renaissance man. An entrepreneur, astronomer, and artist, he holds degrees in Mathematics and Fine Arts, authoring over 20 books on technology, business, and education. Karim’s diverse expertise shapes innovative solutions that empower learners worldwide.


Dr. Alexandra

Edu psychologist

Dr. Alexandra, boasting over a decade in cognitive science, enriches our leadership and management courses. Her expertise enhances learning and retention strategies. Through careful analysis and application of cognitive principles, she tailors courses for optimal learning outcomes. She is also a published author.



Sarah, our scientist and data analyst, serves as our EU and MENA Chief Operations Strategist, passionately driving e-learning forward. She focuses on innovative solutions for several markets to enhance educational access and quality, leveraging her expertise to ensure data-driven decision-making guides our strategic initiatives.



Carola is an E-Learning Specialist and highly experienced educator, designing interactive educational content with a strategic approach. She integrates cutting-edge technology into educational experiences. Carola has a Master of Science in Industrial Psychology and she loves teaching.


Sofia, MD


Multi-talented Instructional Designer with over 20 years of experience in curriculum
creation, development, and implementation through blending strategies.
Expert in training, effectively conducting personal and group training sessions. Sofia is an MD with a degree in Education.



Francisco, is an engineer and a highly experienced C-level professional, and our LATAM Chief Operations Specialist, spearheads our LATAM partnerships, integrating cutting-edge technologies to help organizations create and market seamless and scalable e-learning solutions.



Jude is a seasoned multimedia and v-learning specialist, driving innovation in online education and managing internal operations. Leading the development of cutting-edge e-learning solutions, she integrates advanced technologies and oversees actor hiring and management for seamless talent integration.



Rose enriches our team with her legal background, ensuring our courses are engaging, accurate, and compliant. With meticulous attention to detail, she helps craft compelling content that empowers both our clients and their learners, driving the effectiveness of our e-learning initiatives. 

Dr. Helen


Dr. Helen is our dedicated content creator and educational specialist, known for her ability to deeply enrich and actively engage through expertly crafted educational content.



David is a Teacher Educator and Ed-Tech Specialist, crafts innovative educational materials with a creative flair. He drives change through transformative learning experiences.




Jao, our highly skilled and innovative multimedia editor, expertly combines extensive technical proficiency with a distinct creative vision to produce compelling, impactful, and innovative multimedia content.

Dr. Ahmed


Meet Dr. Ahmed, our biologist and science content consultant, renowned for enhancing customer loyalty and team training with his deep expertise and innovative solutions.