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We specialize in crafting dynamic and immersive learning experiences tailored to your specific requirements, encompassing everything from content creation to seamless integration with your chosen platforms. 

About Us

GoToElearning is a division of Mokhtar Group corporation, a company with a mission to provide educational institutions and businesses create high-quality eLearning and administrative solutions then help them market them worldwide. The company is headquartered in California, USA and operates globally with a network of sister companies and partners in over 40 countries.

Our Services

Centralized multilingual eLearning solutions

Customized Course Development

Tailored eLearning courses designed to meet your specific learning objectives, ensuring maximum engagement and knowledge retention.

Platform Integration

Seamlessly integrate our eLearning solutions into your existing learning management system (LMS) or utilize our user-friendly LMS platform for a streamlined learning experience.

Interactive Multimedia Content

Engage learners with interactive videos, simulations, quizzes, and assessments to create an immersive and dynamic learning environment.

Localization & Multilingual Support

Expand your training reach globally with our expertise in localizing eLearning content and providing multilingual support in various languages.


Boost your learners skills and productivity by providing targeted and relevant training materials in any language.


Simplify the administration and tracking of training programs, saving time and resources while enhancing learner accessibility and progress monitoring.


Foster a more enjoyable and interactive learning experience that promotes active participation, knowledge retention, and skill application.


Overcome language barriers, cater to diverse learner populations, and ensure consistent comprehension and engagement across different regions and cultures.

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Empower your learners with personalized, interactive, and multilingual learning experiences that drive growth, enhance performance, and propel your organization towards success.