We offer a wide range of LMS infrastructure solutions, designed to meet the specific needs and budgets of educational institutions, healthcare providers, corporations, and more. Our offerings range from fully customized, brand-centric platforms to flexible, cost-effective plugins, ensuring that every organization can find a solution that best fits its unique requirements.


For organizations requiring a robust and scalable e-learning environment, our fully branded, web-based LMS is the ideal choice. These systems are custom-built to integrate seamlessly with your existing operations and branding, supporting unlimited users without incurring monthly fees. Features include an intuitive user interface, advanced tracking and reporting capabilities, and extensive multimedia content support, all designed to enhance the learning experience on a global scale.

Modular LMS

For clients with tighter budgets or those in need of quicker setup, our modular LMS options provide essential functionalities at a lower cost. These solutions involve hosted plugins that can be easily integrated into your existing platforms, offering basic but vital features such as course management, user registration, and simple analytics. This approach allows you to harness the core benefits of an LMS with minimal investment, making it an excellent choice for small to medium-sized organizations or those just beginning their e-learning journey.

Centralizen LMS: Integrated Business Software Suite

Centralizen LMS stands out by offering an integrated suite of business software designed to streamline various aspects of your operations into one unified system. This LMS comes equipped with CRM, Project Management, Email Marketing, eSignature, Billing & Invoicing, Agreements, and an Onboarding system. This comprehensive integration facilitates an amazing automation experience, significantly enhancing productivity and efficiency. The all-in-one system not only simplifies the user experience but also provides valuable insights across different modules, making it easier to track progress, manage communications, and execute marketing strategies effectively.

Support & Growth

Every LMS solution we deploy is accompanied by comprehensive support and training services to ensure seamless adoption and maximum utility. We tailor our systems not only to meet your current needs but also to accommodate future growth and changes within your organization. Our commitment is to provide an LMS that evolves with you, continually enhancing your educational or training programs and ensuring long-term success.