Securing Your
Creative Rights

Navigate the complexities of copyright registration and ISBN number acquisition with ease, thanks to our direct collaboration with the Library of Congress. Our services provide a robust solution for protecting and legitimizing your creative works, from books and multimedia to unique digital content, ensuring they are recognized and safeguarded under international copyright laws.

Global Recognition
& Protection

By working directly with the Library of Congress, we offer a streamlined pathway to copyright your works and obtain ISBN numbers, essential for global distribution and recognition. This partnership not only speeds up the process but also ensures that your intellectual property is secured with the most authoritative and respected body in the publishing world.
This service is invaluable for authors, publishers, and content creators aiming to make a significant impact on the global stage.

Copyright Serivces

We handle all aspects of the copyright registration process for various forms of work, offering you peace of mind and legal protection. Whether your creations are written, audio, visual, or digital, our team ensures that each piece receives the protection it deserves, no matter where in the world your content reaches.

of Copyright

For clients who prefer to handle copyright registration independently, we provide certificates of copyright release for the work we create for you. This documentation ensures that you can proceed with the copyright process on your own, with all the necessary rights transferred to you. This service is designed to give you the flexibility to manage your intellectual property rights according to your specific needs and preferences.

ISBN Multimedia
Acquisition & Management

Acquiring an ISBN is crucial for book identification and retail listing, and our service makes this process straightforward and hassle-free. We manage all the details, from application to acquisition, providing you with the official numbers that will identify your publications worldwide.
Mokhtar Group ISBN numbers

Your Official
Shipped to
your address

Upon successful copyright registration and ISBN acquisition, we provide official certificates from the Library of Congress, mailed directly to your address. These documents serve as irrefutable proof of your ownership and copyright, enhancing the credibility and marketability of your works.