Contribute to educational advancement

We invite skilled e-learning consultants to join our network and contribute to global educational advancement! Aspiring members must successfully pass a comprehensive background check along with rigorous skill and certification assessments. This stringent selection process ensures that our consultant team upholds the highest standards of expertise and integrity. Embrace this opportunity to make a significant impact in the world of education, enhancing learning experiences and outcomes on a global scale!

Roles & Responsibilities

Once certified, our consultants play a crucial role in training client teams, imparting essential skills and knowledge tailored to their specific needs. You will have the flexibility to set your own consulting rates, reflecting the value and depth of your expertise. This autonomy allows our consultants to engage with clients in a manner that respects both their professional worth and the bespoke nature of their services. Whether delivering hands-on training sessions or guiding strategic implementations, our consultants ensure that client teams are well-equipped to leverage our e-learning solutions effectively.

Free Certification
& Support

Upon qualifying, consultants gain the opportunity to earn prestigious certifications that not only validate their proficiency but also enhance their professional stature in the educational technology field. By joining our consultant network, you become part of a dynamic team dedicated to elevating educational practices worldwide. This collaborative environment not only fosters professional growth but also enhances the collective capability of our network to meet a diverse array of educational challenges.

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Engage with us and help shape the future of education in your geographical territory by providing expert training and support to educational institutions and corporate clients across the globe. Send us your resume, portfolio, and any relevant certifications you have at